Our Team

Timothy Westerlind

UT Level 2

Timothy is one of NDT's Senior NDT Technicians and has over 17 years of experience with NDT Corporation. As one of NDT’s Technicians, he has conducted nondestructive testing measurements for projects evaluating the integrity and condition of slabs, bridge decks, pipes, piles, tunnel liners, and arches. He has also collected geophysical data to detect sinkholes and profile the top of bedrock. Mr. Westerlind is experienced in acquiring impact velocity and impact echo, ground penetrating radar (GPR), and seismic refraction data. In addition, he is experienced in GPR data interpretation and report generation for various projects. Mr. Westerlind is also a Level 2 ultrasonic thickness (UT) metal Inspector and has completed inspections for different DOTs on numerous projects.

Timothy Westerlind
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