Common Challenges

Buildings are timeless monuments of human civilization. Around the world, buildings face exposure to diverse environments, each with distinct durability challenges. Buildings also have various architectural finishes, making it difficult to understand the underlying structure.

Condominium building on the beach over looking the ocean.

Our Experience

VCS engineers specialize in evaluating and preserving buildings and their integral components, even in the harshest environments. We’ve worked on residential, commercial, industrial, and government buildings around the world, always aiming for comprehensive protection. Here are some examples:

  • Residential coastal buildings that are vulnerable to corrosion deterioration. We design cathodic protection systems for coastal condominium balconies, ensuring continued safeguarding. Our team diligently monitors and maintains existing CP systems to preserve the integrity of the building.
  • Schools, where we’ve uncovered as-built historical information about structures.
  • Pools in need of evaluation and rehabilitation stemming from harsh exposure.
  • Industrial facilities like paper mills and chemical processing plants, where we play a pivotal role in inspecting and rehabilitating.
  • Government buildings like courthouses and administrative buildings to conduct durability assessments and design corrosion mitigation strategies.
  • Military installations to evaluate the condition of defense infrastructure and ensure that it’s always maintained at a high state of readiness. 

Related Projects

We provide extensive experience across a range of structures and environmental conditions.

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