Like bridges, multilevel car parks endure constant exposure to vehicle traffic and deterioration mechanisms like de-icing chemicals and moisture exposure. Parking structures are subject to corrosion that impacts its lifespan and serviceability.

Our Experience

Except for parking management firms, most parking structures are owned or managed independently. Many owners don’t have expertise in durability and preservation of reinforced concrete, making it challenging to keep their parking ramps in good condition. VCS Engineering has extensive experience in reinforced concrete durability and evaluation of parking structures. Rely on us to ensure your parking structures receive proper monitoring and maintenance.

5 story concrete parking garage with white fluffy clouds on a blue sky

Parking structures are built using various methods like cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, structural steel framing, and post-tensioned concrete structures. Each construction technique has unique elements and deterioration mechanisms, which can be overwhelming for owners needing more experience in infrastructure preservation. We perform material testing and non-destructive testing on parking structures to evaluate structure conditions, estimate remaining service life, and uncover any unknown as-built conditions. We specialize in designing cathodic protection systems, including galvanic and impressed current, to mitigate corrosion and extend the service life for all parking garages.

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We provide extensive experience across a range of structures and environmental conditions.

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