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NDT Division (formerly NDT Corporation) is a division of VCS Engineering. Combined, we offer customers almost 40 years of expertise in assessing and extending the service life of concrete structures. 

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Projects in the U.S.

VCS provides a wide range of services regarding the evaluation and durability of structures.  Those services are detailed on the services page of this website.  For projects in the United States, some services may be fulfilled by the NDT Division.

Expect consistent service, experience, and expertise across all VCS and NDT Division projects.

NDT History

NDT Corporation was founded in 1994 by Paul Fisk and Richard Holt. Paul and Dick were colleagues at Weston Geophysical for 20 years, where they developed expertise in seismic risk analysis for nuclear power plants. During that time, they discovered that the same testing protocol could be used to determine the condition and strength of concrete. 

They started NDT Corporation with the mission to use proven geophysical survey methods to evaluate concrete structures and to provide those services to civil infrastructure owners and engineers. They quickly earned a reputation for delivering quality data with exceptional customer service. 

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Over NDT Corporation’s 30 years, the growth in the business lead led to the addition of several key staff along the way, who develop themselves professionally while also helping to take NDT to the next level. The key members were Keith Holster, Ben Armitage, and Tim Westerlind. Ben was hired in 1996, Keith in 1997, and Tim in 2005. These three individuals remain invaluable to VCS, bringing extensive knowledge and expertise acquired over 74 years at NDT. Ben, Keith, and Tim are experts in the field of NDT, with vast experience in data collection and analysis. Their combined knowledge and expertise in the NDT Division are unrivaled, setting a benchmark for excellence that no other company can match. These critical members of our NDT Division are proud to carry on the legacy of Paul and Dick and are instrumental in shaping the future of VCS.

Paul ultimately retired from NDT in 2021, and since then, Vice President Bill Horne has taken over leading the NDT Division. Bill previously worked for CHA and regularly hired NDT Corporation to support CHA projects. As a result, Bill has a long history of knowing Paul, Ben, Keith, and Tim. Which made him an excellent choice to lead this highly experienced team when Paul stepped away.

Partnership with VCS Engineering

One of NDT Division's unique and signature capabilities is in evaluating grouting defects in bonded post-tensioning, which drew the attention of VCS several years ago. As a result, VCS and NDT started to partner on condition assessments for various types of concrete infrastructure projects.    

Early on, NDT Division worked as a specialty non-destructive testing subcontractor for VCS on high-profile projects. In January 2017, NDT Corporation became a subsidiary of VCS, and in January 2024, NDT became an official division of VCS Engineering. The geophysical and concrete testing skills from NDT, combined with the corrosion and concrete durability expertise of VCS, means we can offer unsurpassed knowledge and experience in assessing and extending the service life of structures.

Together, we look forward to working with you to evaluate and resolve your concrete durability problems.

Proprietary Equipment

Since their existence, NDT has been on the forefront of developing advanced non-destructive technology. 

If a product doesn’t meet the highest standards for quality and efficiency, NDT will develop the tools internally. Over the years, they’ve refined their equipment to provide the most effective and efficient data collection and accuracy.  

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Their proprietary impact echo (IE) and pulse velocity (PV) system simultaneously collects IE/PV data to assess reinforced concrete for delamination, voids, cracking, and gives an in-situ compressive strength. Their IE/PV system can also be used to inspect post-tension (PT) grout voids.  NDT has one of the most efficient and accurate systems to locate the presence of grout voids in PT ducts.

In addition, they worked with the Federal Railroad Administration to develop an automated railroad crosstie inspection tool, a non-destructive method to assess the internal condition of concrete crossties along railroads. 

VCS and NDT continue to grow together, working to advance technology in the evaluation of reinforced concrete infrastructure.  



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